May 22 – Lincoln Speedway

It’s nice to get back in the swing of things!  Friday May 22nd we ran non wing with the 410 at Lincoln Speedway.  We would start the heat race 8th and worked our way up to 3rd!  It was really fun having a car that good and finally getting to try the engine we built over the winter!  The engine felt very strong!  In the A main we would start 4th by virtue of passing points.  I will be honest, I had the car setup a little on the conservative side getting used to the new engine, and I maybe went too conservative.  We were going really good on the high side of the race track until about 9-10 laps into the 25 lap feature.  After that we were getting loose, and everyone was on the bottom.  I couldn’t get down to the bottom without creating issues for myself and others.  We would end up 13th which is disappointing, but we got to shake the car down, dial in the new engine, and knock some of the rust off of the driver!  This was my first race since the Chili Bowl in January!  We will run with the wing on with the MOWA Series this Saturday night at Spoon River Speedway!

Chili Bowl Update & 2015 Plans

D&M Racing made a return to the prestigious Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma.  There were upwards of 330 cars in attendance. We would qualify on Thursday.  Starting on the back of the heat race on a pretty narrow track and a car that was setup a little loose didn’t turn out well for us.  I think we did manage to pass a car, but obviously it wasn’t what we hoped for.  That put us on the pole of the D main, which we would lead for 5 laps.  On a restart some guys found something on the high side of the race track, and I tried to move up and run their line, but it was too late.  I ended up finishing 4th which was 2 places out of a transfer spot.  This relegated us to starting 6th in the L main on Saturday where we ran 4th and got a transfer spot to the K main.  Starting about 20th in the K main we had the car setup very nicely and I was able to pass some cars and keep myself out of trouble to finish 9th.  We ended up rebounding pretty nicely, but we dug too deep of a hole in our heat race on our qualifier night.  I am excited though for how things could go for us in POWRI competition this summer where weight rules come back into play.  The engine was great and the car was handling excellent!  I can’t wait to get back in the midget!

We are currently getting the midget and the sprint car rebuilt and ready for the 2015 race season.  We plan to run 7-8 POWRI shows with the midget, and as many as 20 shows with the 410 sprint car in non wing and wing competition.  We’ll run some Indiana non wing shows, Knoxville Weekly shows, MOWA races and some races with the new National Sprint League.

October 10 – Lincoln Speedway

D&M Racing ran their final 410 sprint car race of the 2014 season with MOWA at the Lincoln Speedway in Illinois.  We started on the pole for the heat race and would lead 3 laps when a red came out.  On the restart, I thought the 2nd place guy would go high so I went through the middle and he ended up passing me low coming out of turn 2.  We held onto a strong 2nd place in the heat race though in a very stout field of 41 cars with plenty of ringers in attendance.  In the feature, we started 14th and finished 14th.  It wasn’t as good of a finish as we hoped for, but wasn’t bad considering the competition.  We did the best we could with what we had.  We’re now getting the midget ready for the Indoor race in Duquoin, IL and the Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma in January!  Details coming soon!

Farmer City – Aug 15th

Friday August 15th, we ran non wing at Farmer City.  We tried some things for the heat race the car didn’t like so we had to start the B main front row outside. We put a great setup on the car and I could drive it high or low or anywhere! We won the B by a straightaway. In the A main we started 17th and had a great car! We would finish 4th! With some yellows we might’ve won! We were going to run Macon Saturday August 16th with the midget, but it rained out after practice.  That race is rescheduled for September 6th and we plan to be there!  This Saturday night we’ll be at Lasalle Speedway with the wing on to race with MOWA!

August 1st – Farmer City, IL

We ran non wing at Farmer City.  We tried some new things with chassis setup that seemed to work really well!  We started 4th in the heat race and ran 3rd.  In the A main we started 6th and finished 5th.  We had passed 2 cars in one corner and got up to 3rd but the yellow flag came out on the same lap.  The race always goes back to the previous lap so we had to go back to 5th where we would finish. We found some good things with the car that working well.  We just need to tweak things slightly on the setup and we’ll be in good shape!  This Saturday we plan to run non wing in Putnamville, Indiana.